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Skincare haul : Summer 2015

So I have decided to have a little rejig of the old skincare routine, as I have been experiencing 2 issues that I want to sort out and also try some new things.

1. A few (2 small) dry patches, which are a lot better since I started double cleansing again but I want to get ride of asap!

2. Hayfever has given me the weird symptom of making my face feel very hot for the last two years and this is making my face feel sweatier/ look shinier. Weird I know.

To tackle my moisture/ shine issues I bought:

I have used the Vitamin E range before and really liked it. I haven't come across a Superdrug own brand product that hasn't agreed with me. This moisturiser is very rich so I use a very small amount and find it makes a nice night moisturiser too.

My first impressions of the Simply pure serum is utter love! I really like this serum and it works really well with my skin. I feels plump and looked great in the morning. I will be doing a review in future but for now and at that price very nice! Friends and the blogosphere had it right!!

I also picked up  a few items from the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range on sale.

Again I really, really like the look and feel of my skin whilst wearing this gel moisturiser. I have been told that gel formulations are better for oily skin. Although I am combination/ normal most of the time this has worked really well due to my hay fever making me look shiner and feeling oilier. I have been using this for just over 2 week and really like the results!
It doesn't contain SPF so heads up.

I haven't tried the peel off mask just yet as I don't want to overload my skin with too many new items. So I cant say how effective this is as of yet  but the reviews have been pretty good.

I liked the the moisturiser so much I went back and picked up the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Night Gel £2. I have used this for about 10 days and my initial impressions are very good. It makes my face feel very silky and my skin still feels refreshed in the morning. I think I will use this a few days a week as tea tree and witch hazel are fairly astringent and intense at times. I haven't experienced any dryed out skin so far which is good. The formulation strikes a great balance between targeted blemish treatment & retaining moisture. I will be keeping this in my skincare sos stash.

I also picked up a tube of Indeed Labs hydraluron™ moisture boosting facial serum £16.66 in the sale. Get yourselves down to boots and stock up as it is usually £24.99! This is my first full tube as I have used samples in the past. Although I like this, it isn't life changing OMG for me. I don't know if my skin is in pretty good condition or a bit too young to see dramatic results with this. The overall feel and look of my skin is better with the combined use of my new products but I don't feel this is holy grail for me especial at the original price. I think it is good to have in your skincare sos kit for when you just feel rough or need an extra lift or using it as an intensive treatment as I am but not for everyday use. I intend to use this everyday until it has finished and then use the Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum as my main serum. I think I will also do a review later on if I see any significant changes.

Face masks are always great for brightening the skin and I thought the combination of these 3 would moisturise and brighten plus who doesn't like, honey, spice and chocolate?! I always stock up on various masks as they are super cheap.

Pore strips another item to keep in your skincare sos kit. I don't really get clogged pores or blackheads on my nose but I do have a few visible pores on my inner cheeks and I watched a video on youtube about how detrimental it can be to ignore your pores particularly the nose. It was GROSS! I picked these up in the 99p shop and at that price you cant go wrong really.

I spoke a while back  in my TonyMoly haul about wanting to try more Asian skincare and had heard really good things about the  Shills  Black Mask Purifying Peel off Mask which is Taiwanese specifically.
I have tried this twice and like the way it allowed my serums and moisturiser to sink in after use but I will say this is NOT for those with dry or very sensitive skin. It is supposed to target pore cleaning and tightening as well as an overall treatment. It didn't really collect much pore debris for me but once I had removed the mask which didn't hurt at all, there were a few twinges but nothing major my face was DRY! Not a natural oil to be found. My face didn't feel tight or uncomfortable and did return to normal once moisturised. My visible pores looked smaller, so I may use this as a area specific mask instead of a overall face after my trial period.

London experienced a momentary heatwave lol and I stocked up on some more Solait Clear Protect SPF20 £5.99 on sale. I like this as It doesn't give me that dreaded blue or white caste as many protectors do on dark skin and isn't greasy. It absorbs right away and with SPF20 I feel like I have good protection but I am also able to receive a good dose of vitamin D & get that glow. Although it may take more to achieve it and longer to see damage. Darker skin can receive sun damage etc so it is always good to be protected.

I dropped into Primark and Wilko briefly to pick up some essentials. I always have a few wash clothes on the go as I use them for cleansing and so I don't have to use the same one everyday.
The pink flannel is 30p from wilko and is holding up very well and doesn't leave fibre residue on my face as the black Primark ones £1.50 unfortunately do. I am not the biggest fan of pink but the only other alterbnative was white and I hate them once they start going off white! This has started to lessen with more use though.

I also grabbed about 15 packs of Wilko Everyday Value Facial Wipes 30p each which I use for just about everything but wipe my face with. I use them to clear my make up area/ desk if it isn't serious enough for antibac wipes. They are nice just to have around the house, for festivals, emergenies, in desks and in my bag. I used to remove my eye make up with these occasionally  back in the day but cleansers are the way forward for me these days, with and with out the aid of  Wilko Skin Therapy Cotton Wool Pads 70p per pack.

Finally not actually related facial skincare but still kind of related to general skincare is deodorant. I really love the smell of Soft & Gentle Orchid and passion fruit as well as Wild rose and vanilla. I find that these last and work really well but I am looking for a more natural formula that is kinder to the skin. Let me know what your using.

So that's my skincare haul what new things have you bought lately?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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