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Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Face Mask review

Balance active formula has just come back onto my radar after I heard a few people raving about one of their products. The name and design of the packaging looked really familiar to me and I realised I had one of their products sitting at home. I actually bought the  Balance Snake Venom Face Mask nearly 2 years ago on a whim when snake venom was the new second coming. It has been sitting in my bathroom cabinet and I am not sure why I haven't used it! I have been making up for that lapse in judgement and have really enjoyed the results. I have been using the parabens  free mask once a week for the last 6 weeks and I have to say I really like it. It makes good on its claims to tone, refresh and purify without stripping my skin. 

The formula is very nourishing and leaves the skin supple. The first time I used the mask I did experience a little bit of tingling on my nose and inner cheek area that lasted about 2 minutes but it wasn't uncomfortable or alarming.
haven't experiened it since. 

The mask didn't leave my skin uncomfortably tight or dry but and I feel as though my serum glided over my skin even more so than usual and sank in even quicker after using this. My face felt incredibly soft and that soft smoothness lasted well into the following days. In fact I would say it is a very moisturising mask. I also noticed that my skin was brighter after each use and glowed. 

The main active ingredients are Natural clay, Syn®-Ake as well as moisturising Agent & Orange Oil. It is suggested to be used once a week but I would consider using it twice per week if I needed an extra boost. I would definitely recommend trying the Balance Snake Venom Face Mask whatever your skin type as it didn't alter my skin oils at all. Balance Active formula actually have online stores which is very convenient and their prices are incredibly reasonable. 

 I will be stocking up and trying a few more products from this range too. Look out for these additions in future.

Tip: Before letting the mask set give yourself a quick facial massage and the product works even better!

Have you tried the Balance Active formula range?

 What are your go to products?

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