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D.I.Y: How to make homemade virgin Coconut oil

Fun fact I adore fresh young coconuts but loathe the desiccated dried flake stuff! yuck!!
Don't waft a Bounty bar at me as I will definitely have to consider what we have going on here! 
What do we have going on here?! lol

So my Mum went a little over board and bought about 9 coconuts and after eating a few and savouring that delicious coconut water, we were at a loss with what to do with them.
 The logical answer was to make virgin coconut oil.
It is pretty simple ( can be time consuming)  to do and the end result is soooo rewarding. Coconut oil can always be found in my house. It is great for cooking, skincare, haircare and medicinal purposes. 

Tools needed:

I used 6 coconuts
 If you don't have this chopping the coconut and putting into a blender with a small amount of water works well too.
2. Cheese cloth or small holed metal sieve
3. 1 large pot
4.1 large container
5. soup ladle
6. clean sterilised containers for storage

 Step 1 - Drain the coconut by piercing 2 of the eyes with a clean knife or screwdriver and empty coconut water into a container. (This great by itself or in smoothies)

Step 2 - Crack Coconuts in half and shave or remove from shell and cut the coconut meat into uniform sizes.  

Step 3 - Place all of the Coconut meat in a clean container and add double the amount of cold water to the amount of Coconut leave for 45 mins and then strain creamy coconut water into a separate container.

*Step 4*- If you used the grater ignore this step. Pour your coconut meat and cold water into a blender and blend until you have a smooth creamy consistency. 2- 3 mins max.

Step 5 - Once you have your Coconut meat separated by using a sieve or cheesecloth,  from your Coconut milk allow the milk to settle in a cool place overnight to 2 days. The cream will rise to the top and have sediment in the bottom. Carefully scoop out the  Coconut cream and place in another clean container. Then drain the liquid and collect the sediment at the bottom. Throw the water away.

As this is a D.I.Y coconut oil extraction it wont be cold pressed as we don't have a machine to extract and will be doing it by hand. Plus we want to extract a maximum amount of Coconut oil.

Step 6- Place the Coconut cream in a pan and cook on a gentle heat. The cream will begin to turn brown and you will see oil collecting.

Step 7- When the cream is dark brown but not burnt remove from heat and pour oil into your sterile containers using a sieve to remove sediment.

6 Coconuts should yield 5 60 ml jars and 1 500 ml jar for cooking minimum. 
Please do be aware however that there is no set amount of meat inside a standard sized mature coconut so results may differ.
F.Y.I for those who have pores that clog easily Coconut oil lists high on the comedogenic ratings scale. It is not an issue for all but I would highly recommend doing a patch test just in case.

P.s the leftover coconut flesh is totally usable and can be used in food or desserts. You an freeze them in ice cubes so you have usable portions. the same goes for the coconut cream and milk which is great in Thai curries/ smoothies etc.

So that is it guys incredibly simple and cheap as chips! 

Your hand may ache but they be looking cute and moisturised lol!

Until next time................

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