Friday, 29 January 2016

New in: Superdrug skincare

Hey loves,

 I had a browse around the superdrug website and grabbed a few old faithfuls as well as a few new items that caught my eye.
There is always a deal to be found in superdrug and I always stock up when I am online ot in store.

Old faithfuls:

Superdrug do some really great face masks. 
They are very affordable and as there a plethora of choices so there will be something for everyone.
These are always great to buy in bulk like I did back in my Skincare: summer 2015 post.
I picked these up as part of a promotion and have used a few already. They are a quick and easy way to pamper my skin.
So yep great masks to keep stock up on.

This is one of my all time fav cream cleansers.
I always stock up on this as it just makes my skin feel amazing and really takes off the day so well.
I find that The Superdrug naturally radiant range works really well for me. 
For a highstreet drug store range I think they are well formulated and my skin really benefits.

New buys:

I have actually tried this before briefly but never owed one myself .
It is actually for men but if it isnt pumped full of "testosterone/ man ingredients" then I am happy to use it. As it is just marketing and packaging targeted towards men.
The formula is nice and moisturising and makes a great hand cream too.

I grabbed this as part of a BOGOF deal as I really like the naturally radiant range and really like the texture.
It isn't a balmy texture like I thought it would be.
It has fine golden flecks that add to the  brightening effect.
A positive is that the flecks aren't chunky which is great for not making any visible pores look like craters. 
I haven't been using it long enough to speak on any other qualities but so far it's a thumbs up so far.

I really enjoy using charcoal products and have seen really good reviews.
So I intrigued to see how this compares to other charcoal products I have tried previously.

Glycolic Is always good to keep in your arsenal.
Although this is targeted to more problematic or ageing skin. 
I still wanted to give it a try as I love smooth bright skin and as I like most people get the occasional blemish.
Something to help combat that  whilst plumping and evening out textured areas is always welcome.

All I have heard is rave reviews about this and I am so keen to try it.
 It always seems to be sold out in store,
so I was so happy to finally nab this.
I am currently testing serums so I will begin using this in the next few weeks but having tested it on my hand it sinks in really well. It didn't leave any odd residues and isn't tacky once dried.

This this definitely one for the beauty SOS kit.
Tea tree, honey and propolis are great for their healing, renewal and antiseptic properties.
All helping to soothe skin irritations

So those are my Superdrug buys.

Until next time.............

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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