Monday, 11 January 2016

Facetheory Skincare haul

So if you haven't heard about the natural UK personalised skincare brand Facetheory, likelihood is you have been doing a good job of living under a rock!

I came across Facetheory early last year when there was considerable hype surrounding the brand.
Especially in the bloggersphere! 
As with most bloggers I have a long and extensive list of products I really like the look of and want to try and  Facetheory was one of them.
 I didn't order straight away as I wanted to see how the company progressed and see reviews from a variety of bloggers. 
As a blogger I think it's important to be aware of what is out there/ cutting edge but I also think it is just as  important not to jump on the bandwagon and keep your content authentic.
Which is why I waited for the hype to settle a little bit.

I really like their simple message and the fact that they use natural ingredients (check out my finding natural skincare post), are paraben free, against animal testing and another of their usp's being that they have a questionnaire to ensure your skincare is catered to you. 
Of course you don't have to stick to their results, if you think something would be better suited.
However it steers you in the right direction and gives you a place to start.
Facetheory also often have pretty good discounts, which is just dandy for a savvy shopper like me!

And so after that intro lets get into the actual haul.

I picked up 3 items and with a 40% discount code all 3 came to under £20!
Can't beat it.

Gentle Skin Cleanser C1
Containing avocado, coconut, silk and apricot.

Glycolic Exfoliating Cleanser (E1) 
Has natural micro pumice stones. As well as  glycolic and salicylic acid.

Packed full of hyaluronic acid, vitamins E & C and passionfruit extract.

I have just started using these and I have to say the signature cleanser and supergel moisturiser are standing out to me so far.
The moisturisers texture surprised me as I expected it to be more of a gel like consistency but having tested it I like it a lot and I also think it would make a really nourishing hand cream.
 I noticed after using it on my hands it didn't deteriorate or change after washing my hands a few times.

Obviously that is my first impression and I will be doing a proper trial. 
So far I like the quality of the products and as I know my skin thrives on natural oils etc I am excited to get started.

Have you tried Facetheory?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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