Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Marilou Bio Cleansing Gel review


My face feels so unbelievably silky and soft!
The Marilou Bio Cleansing Gel is another buy from my finding natural skincare haul 
and I am really enjoying it.

I didn't start using it until after I had finished reviewing
my Alba botanica Hawaiian facial range bits and The balm balm frankincense deep cleansing balm which I seriously adore.
Then I got on to this one asap.
It's has been a few months now so I think it is a perfect time to review how my is feeling / reacting to this product.

First of all I have to say my skin always looks radiant after using this and after about 4 days I saw a clarity to my complexion.
I don't have dull skin per se but I do notice when my face isn't as bright as usual.
So I love products that add luminosity and this does the job especially as it is winter.
I found that using the Marilou bio cleansing gel and My Madara clarifying toner*  after kept my complexion bright and smooth even if I had a few blemishes.

Derived from 98% natural ingredients.
This light cleanser has great slip whilst allowing grip for massage.
Once smoothed over the face it doesn't have a traditional foaming which I like and quickly gets working on the skin.
Only a small amount is needed and if you want a more visible lather of sorts,
 it is best applied to damp skin instead of wet as recommended.
My skin feels clean but not dry as with some other gel cleansers and can confirm it really is formulated for all skin types.
There is no dryness or tight feeling and my face just feels lovely.
The lack of dryness is especially useful now that we are experiencing snow and super cold weather.
It is incredibly gentle and non stripping.
The minty cornflower fragrance is subtle and the glycerin definitely ups the moisture
and glossy feeling post cleanse.
I would definitely say this is a second cleanser for me once I have removed any makeup and want to ensure my face is totally impurity free.

This is a great everyday gel cleanser and can be used daily.
Which is a plus as some gels are very drying on non oily skin.
I have normal/ combination and have really enjoyed it.
 It lasts a good while and I still have more than half  a bottle left.
It is very affordable yet effective so I would definitely buy this again and am looking forward to trying other products from the range.

Have you tried the Marilou range?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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