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Bad robots: A series of unfortunate events!

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I seem to be having a very peculiar lemony snickets moment here!  I don’t even know where to begin. Well the beginning is as good a place as any I suppose. I appear to be having a machinery melt down in my house and I am feeling the pressure. Literally starting to lose my mind here. 
I am going to make this as concise as possible:

Tuesday- My internet totally packed in. Thus leaving me unable to connect with the outside world, with the exception of my Blackberry. Not too worried my bro can sort it out, twas what he was made for lol.

Wednesday – My whole laptop had packed ui and was acting funny. I did loads of virus checks and nothing was coming up but I knew there was a sneaky virus just chilling out there. So knowing that my laptop was gonna be rebooted and wiped I saved all my documents. I later remembered that I hadn’t saved my favourites but it was too late. I can live without them its cool. I also forget to save my blackberry back files, again not worried. *wails*

Thursdays- As if life couldn’t get any dumber at this point, my blackberry decided that it wanted to freeze. Although super annoying I have come to expect no less from dumbberry. I did what I always did, battery reboot and waited to continue my whatsapp conversation. ONLY THIS DID NOT GO ACCORDING TO PLAN! Oh no my phone had decided that technology hadn’t kicked me in the teeth enough and went for the software reload: 507 on a white screen option.

I had never seen this message before in my life, so I was thinking reboot again and commence with my day. My phone on the other hand had other ideas. After trying to reboot about 6 times I knew I had a major problem on my hands. What with my Internet and phone down it was time to dig out an old phone and call a friend.  
A nuked blackberry, fucked up Internet and a wiped laptop. Just what I needed right?  Life is sooo awesome right now -_-. 

Anyway I had managed to get hold of a friend but he couldn’t find anything that was current on my situation. Calls himself a techie. He then went off on into a blackberry is shit rant those smug people with androids have memorised- not in the mood dude.

After 5 hours I finally found relevant information but none of it seemed to be working and I now had another message showing up to add insult to injury. Yep I was the lucky winner of software reload: 561. By that time I was losing the plot slightly but I had found out that the messages meant that my phone thought that the operating systems on the phone were not there. How? why? I still don’t know. All of the reasons given didn’t match what had happened to me so I am flummoxed by this stage and somewhat enraged. Still no joy.

Friday- By this point I was truly stressed out. In the scheme of things this is not a really big deal. But actually it is. My WHOLE Life is on that phone. Things I need to function whilst out and about on a daily basis. After another few hours and I finally managed to find a way of reinstalling my OS, with baited breath and fingers crossed. Everything seems to be working and I was back on track. Only I wasn’t back on track. My phone had been WIPED completely (I have no back up). My migraine had returned with full force. Then the blow that tipped me over the edge came. Small but so significant, my trackball had given up the ghost! I can’t navigate my phone.  How random! One flipping obstacle after another. I am totally ignoring my BB at the moment until a new trackball arrives as I may just break it and scatter the pieces to the four winds. 

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The fact that Blackberry is highly addictive is very problematic when your phone is broken. I no longer have access to my email, social media, music etc with the push of a button and it is pissing me off big time as well as isolating me. Practically having withdrawal symptoms because of crackberry.

Blackberry and I are near enough through. I am extremely bored of the little problems that I and many others have had over the years. I have always liked my BB, more the design of my Bold than any thing else but this is too much. Unfortunately I a new phone is out of the question at the moment but blackberry is a distant memory.

I am thinking a HTC or Samsung for my next phone as I will never waste my money or time on Blackberry again. To put it simply Blackberry ain’t about shit.

Blackberry claim to be research in motion but I have seen no improvements to my service or phone in a long time. They seem to be resting on their laurels and standing still. I am simply going through the motions.

Going to sit in a dark room and learn how to use my old phone again until the crackberry shakes go away.

Enjoy your weekend.

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