Friday, 23 March 2012

March fashion lust list

Sigh I really want to get my shop on. I often shop when I am a little bored. Problem is I am broke. Not super broke but broke enough to know that I can't buy everything that I want. I am not at uni anymore (haven't been for a long time) and it is no longer a toss up between buying those sexy expensive shoes and eating noodles and miso soup for a week to balance it out. I am growing up in my own special way.

I have always been an online shopping girl. The sales, the price drops, the variety of shopping experiences and the plethora of stock. I swoooooon! As spring is officially here I have decided that my closet deserves a small spring spruce up.

Anyway these are the reasonably priced things I need in my life. I have narrowed them down to the absolute must think about for a week and see  if I really want them.

Via ebay

 I want this sheer batwing shirt  in every colour known to man, well 3. It is so versatile and gorgeous. Sheer has been everywhere over the last few seasons but I have been rocking sheer blouses from day so this is a no brainer for me. Thinking of getting one as a try out and maybe add a leather pocket or cuffs. Chinese girls make everything look good.  It's a whole different style game.

via ASOS

  ASOS Wide Brim Fedora Hat with Feather Trim. I love this hat I always look out for wintry jewel colours all year round. I think this is a perfect hat for those bad hair days, when you still want to look fierce. This will also be a good contrast for this seasons pastel colours. unfortunately ASOS has been disappointing me of late. Evey few years they go through a slump, 2011 I witnessed it.

Via Asos

ASOS Faux Fur Lapel Collar. I am always on the look out for accessories to update my coats. This is perfect. Might be a little hot and wintry but fashion isn't always comfortable. The colour is so rich too. It is bossy and I like it.

Via Zara

I absolutely love this over sized Shopper basket from Zara. It is the perfect size and colour. Sadly it isn't leather but still beauts. I have been ogling this bag for over a month now trying to decide whether I really need it or not and I kind of do. By the time I am an old lady, I am sure my generation will be lopsided our bags are so massive lol.

Via Topshop

Topshop Love colour block suede sandal. well I don't mind if I do! Hello there pretty shoes. I do love a block heel and this one just covers all trends, pastel, suede, open toe, jewel tones, block and a platform. I die, that is all.

Via Boy London

I am loving BOY London atm. I saw their super hot launch at Selfridges and everybody just looked so edgy and camdenish. BOY has been around for ages, since the mid 70's I think and I have seen it resurface over and over again. BOY has reemerged once again after several celebs such as Rhianna, Natalia kills and Jessie J have been seen wearing their pieces. I love the rude boy 80's feel of it. Chic yet vulgar just like a rope chain.

Via Forever21

Forever 21 Ancient Warrior Disc Earrings  .Cheap and cheerful yay!  I want these in silver as well. Forever 21 never disappoint their stuff maybe cheap but it is good quality. Jewellery is always an easy way to give any outfit so pizzaz. The engraving just gives another dimension to work with.I am literally about to blitz their jewellery section and hand over my money to F21.

Via Forever21

Finally last but not least Forever 21 Embellished Collar Necklace . This necklace is so tribal and African inspired, Love it. Want it. Need it .MINE! I have seen a few collars from F21 that shall be mine. I am always on the look out for individual and inspired jewellery that will lift and transform an outfit.  I am already thinking about customisation in case the old bosoms are too big.  Loving F21's Navajo inspired section, the EU online shop is better .This is a statement piece for 2012 for me.

That's my mental shopping monster satiated for a while. Now to find a place to put this stuff before I buy it all .


Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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