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Lent: Help yourself to a "guilt" free chocolate indulgence with The Body shops Chocomania range.

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Ash Wednesday signifies for many religious and loosely religious people the beginning of lent. Which means that 40 days of fasting is about to begin. In modern times people are less strict with there level of fasting and now give up a favourite food in order to observe lent.

This is usually chocolate. For many chocolate is a daily indulgence which is incredibly hard to abstain from. I do not practice fasting myself simply because I am not personally fond of self deprivation in any form. My experience comes from watching friends over the years. I have watched people turn into chocolate fiends and act crazy as they gorge on chocolate to sustain them through the drought period. Not a pretty sight I can assure you! With just over a few gone and several more to go some are already acting like frenzied jackals – not cute.

Having watched my friend a few days ago wildly eyeing up my double chocolate brownie. I came to the conclusion that for many, the struggle to stay away from the item they have given up sometimes eclipses the reason that they are actually do it. So folks I have an easy solution that will help all of you choccie lovers out there fend off the cocoa siren call.

You may not be able to eat chocolate BUT nobody said you can't smell like it!

Simply head on down to your local Body Shop then run home and pour yourself a bath.

The Body Shop provides a range of new products called Chocomania, which will sustain any chocolate lover!

Their shower crème is ridiculously chocolaty and the added cocoa butter will ensure your skin is baby soft for hours. For that extra oomph you can get a Chocomania body butter and body scrub as well. Why not treat yourself to a Chocomania gift set and make a home spa day of it?


If you like experimenting and you’re feeling slightly alternative, why not mix some of the body shops other shower gels to create a signature sent. I am absolutely loving Satsuma at the moment, which when mixed with chocomania makes me smell like a terry’s chocolate orange. Definitely a plus in my book and everyone has been asking what I am wearing lately.

All items linked range from between £4 and £12. Bigger sizes are available. They can be bought online or in-store and are well worth the money. These products are sold internationally.

Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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