Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Miz Outlet haul

So I heard about this Chinese - American online company called Miz Outlet that sell cheap and quality products, ranging from hair accessories, makeup and jewellery. I checked out a few vlogs and saw some good feedback especially from Lizlizlive from London so I thought I would try them out. Love a bargain me lol

This was my first order placed and I have to say they were very quick. I received my order in less than a week and many of the pieces look even better in real life!  All the products below are less than $2 each.

Above- DEW $1. Below- BOA $1

Left -ANA.    Right- CHI $1.49

Wooden peace earrings, Above- Ana. Below- FOX
Above BOA $1.49  - .Below- Ana  £1.49

Having gone back to the site I have seen so many more pairs that I want. there really is something for everyone on there. There are also a few items that I personally find tacky but as with every place there will be things not to your taste. So will love everything or be like me and pick through. It is a case of in a few months or years I will literally look at these item and hate them.

Left L.A Colours baked eyeshadow in titan
 Right  Klean  colour backed blush/bronzer, Royal touch

 I have heard alot about L.A colours from friends in America where there is a wider range, so I decided to try theirs out. I have many of their nail varnishes so I expected great quality and wasn't disappointed. I love the baked palette it was very rich. However I haven't applied it for a  proper trial run so I am not sure of the intensity and staying power yet. I personally would use he Klean colour blush/bronzer as a highlighter as in real life it appears to have pinkish tones which may make deeper skin tones appear ashy.

Right ring DEW $1.49 -  Left ring BOA both extendable $1.49

 I have chubby fingers, like proper weird hands! Its a curse really. Finding rings that fit can be a bit hit and miss they are either small or freakishly big. So finding nice rings that are adjustable is always a bonus and these are just beauts. I love statement rings and the reddish coral will look gorgeous in the sun.

The product turnover  rate is pretty high so you have to get in there quickly to avoid disappointment. I paid $11 for postage which is approximately £5 which is pretty good. The items come well packed and are cushioned appropriately for international travel.

I am totally loving Miz Outlet and will definitely be going back for more accessorise and maybe a few make items at those prices I can afford to go wild! Check them out for yourselves guys.


Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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