Saturday, 5 January 2013

I'm on that all black everything

Happy New Year guys! Can someone tell me why I am buying sunglasses in winter please? Because certain folks think my wardrobes are a shop to come and pick up stuff from -_- you know who you are lol but also coz they are super cheap in the winter months and I am slightly obsessed . Anyhoo I was really "good" and somewhat restrained in the sales this time around. I found myself dividing my shopping into colourful spring stuff and black basics.  It is grey and dark and frankly I have been wearing bright colours to cheer me up and flip the bird to winter, but now I am feeling black.
All clothes shown above were below £10 and sunglasses were all below £2.50!!! Bargains *dougies*. What I really wanted with these pieces is something that I could slip on shuzzzz up or down and be on my way, simple yet effective. The Midi, maxi skirt, skater and jersey dress are simple up to date twists on the classic LBD which keeps it fresh. The creepers are one of those trends that doesn't really go out of fashion but evolves in style and is a great alternative to heels. They also so add a little edge to an outfit without being try hard.

 I wasn't really bothered with shopping this Christmas and New Year and didn't go out for the boxing day sales. I stayed at home snuggled up warm in my housecoat with a glass of wine and occasionally surfed the net lazily.  I could not be doing with train delays, massive crowds and jabbing people in the gut to get items that weren't even reduced enough to warrant the energy so online sales was mainly the way forward for me. I think I did very well lol.

What did you buy in the sales, let a girl know about them bargains!

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