Sunday, 27 January 2013

A trip to the theatre: Les Misérables

So I got the chance to go and see Les Mis the worlds longest running west end musical with my friend Alia at the Queen's theatre on Thursday. I am a total theatre buff but I don't go as often as I would like although this is my 3rd time seeing Les Mis! There was a offer for cheap tickets on so we jumped at the chance to get nosebleed seats yay 0.o. What with the film version being released, Les Mis is very hot right now and being shown to a totally fresh audience. 

 Although it didn't touch me as it has in the past. The show was really great and the cast in general were tight but I have to say a big shout out to Archie Stevens I believe who played little Gavroche, so cute. Gerónimo Rauch (Jean Valjean) for me really came into his own about an hour in. Liam Tamne (Enjolras), Linzi Hateley (Madame Thénardier) and Cameron Blakely (Thénardier) definitely stole the show and entertained.

Now to see the film version everyone is raving about and finish the book I have started to re-read for about the 10th time  lol!

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