Friday, 9 May 2014

Primark haulin: Spring 2014

 Hi all,
Thought I would show some of my primarni bargains.
I went in for that beautiful red daisy tea dress that has been in every online magazine for the last few months and came out with 3 bags. Took the dress back as the arm pits were not working for me and came out with another 2 bags.

After separating the wheat from the chaff and returning half of it as you do lol, I have my final selection....wheeew

I bagged this really nice slouchy slubby light metallic mesh thread jumper for £3! Its such a basic piece but can be as dressy, smart and casual as I want to make it. I also have a nice skirt that is similar to this so I can do a modern twin set. Seen here

 I am pretty much into printed optical illusion graphic digital print shirts this year. Tuck them into a pencil skirt or layer for a casual lazy day look. Its all good with me. Dunno what it is but usually I find the best ones in the mens section but this is a womans piece surprisingly. it said £6 which is fair enough but was £2.50 at the till *dougies*

This petrol blue midi skirt is screaming spring to me.  Once again it is a office to night out piece depending on styling and at £12 I love it. Primark are calling it navy but ..yeh..nah

Purple is my favourite colour and I don't wear it enough. The colour is absolutely gorgeous. I originally saw it in blue and red and liked it but after seeing my friend rocking this berry colour I had to reconsider. It is currently in store and £6. I love collared blouses because they are so easy and chic and are a definite staple in my wardrobe.

We arrive at basic basics. I always stock up on vests as I wear them in winter clothes and as a base piece in the warmer months. They are £2 and really long wearing. They used to be cheaper but I will let it go. I also picked this cotton navy light snood. I have been chucking it over everything especially as my office has a deep love affair with the air con. 

Finally I spotted these cleated heel suede effect Chelsea boots. They were on sale for £15 in my size and my eyes lit up. Our weather is so cray one second its sunny and next rain and sleet
(slight exaggeration) so these are a great transitional shoe. I looked long and hard for an unscuffed pair but it looks like mark shows up fairly easily so be aware if you get a pair :-/ . I have recieved so many complements it may be my fav primarni bargain this year so far.

Have you responded to the siren call of Primarni of late??

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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