Friday, 15 May 2015

Kimono calling

Last Spring, Summer and Autumn I lived in kimonos, it was the year of the kimono for me!  
They just made everything sexy, glamorous, edgy, carefree and chill without even trying. 
I wore them everywhere. EVERYWHERE lol.

The love affair with kimonos continues and I am always looking to add to my collection.
 Kimonos just change the dimensions of an outfit and elevate the whole look.
They are dramatic, elegant and so diverse.
Which is why I have a collection, options are needed!

The whole spend less idea is working so far but when I saw these two and I couldn't resist.
Plus they were bargains!

Far Eastern Vibes

Vintage Asian kimono sourced by Miss Pigeons Wardrobe. £18 

This shop is a recent discovery for me and I am so happy I found it. 
It is so important to support small businesses and the individuality they bring. My kimono was in excellent condition and smelt good - key with vintage . Very quick delivery etc. They have some really nice one off pieces and the photography is beauts! I will be heading back when the bank allows.

This piece really caught my eye.
The flowers against that black and silvery white background is so eye cathing and gorgeous. This definitely is staple piece. It can be dressed up for dinner with heels and LBD or down with ripped jeans and a tank top.
 It could even be worn as a wrap around dress with a belt, as it is a little over sized.
 This type of kimono is a very bold piece. Let this and confidence be your main accessories!

Laid back fringe 

Liquorish Geometric Kimono with Fringing - Black/white / One Size £11 (sold out at asos)

Oh Asos sizzle sizzle how you take my money! 
Must resist  temptation.
I adore fringing and have been looking for one in monochrome. This links in nicely with the re-emergence of the 70's trend and gives me the option of sticking my toe in without going all out, hippy dippy fringe swinging in the sun vibe.
Instead this is a modern take which can be dressed up or down and will look amazing with a splash of colour and suede ankle boots .

I am always on the look out for kimonos and beach cover ups ( which i use as kimonos) and tend to get some great deals out of season.

Where is your favourite kimono from?

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl

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