Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The forgotten sisterhood and the bitchcraft coven that replaced them

My friend Nikki sent me an article today about Samantha Bricks struggle with being "too beautiful". Before reading the article I was rolling my eyes like OK honey lets have a look at you but I stopped myself. It's a catch 22 situation if I judge her before I have read her story I am like the many women she is describing and if I read it and say she is stunning (sorry she isn't) then I am lying to myself before my 2nd cup of coffee. 

However with an inflammatory title like 'There are downsides to looking this pretty': Why women hate me for being beautiful , backlash has to be expected especially when her face is not delivering the goods. Having seen her own website the article pictures do her no favours at all. I choose the nicest one.

I find it interesting that she measures her good looks mostly by the attention she has gotten from men. A bottle of champagne sent over or a train ticket being paid for is hardly a sign of your beauty. To be honest who hasn't been out with friends and a man sends over a bottle or two? For me that just means we don't have to spend our own money. Cheers random man. As she reels off the times when a man has given or paid for something it feels like American pie when the girl is like "this one time at band camp....." change the record love. In regards to those circumstances she has given about husbands flirting with beautiful women, or being given special attention and where others are genuinely threatened they happen but I am unsure they happen to her. Really her self absorption and arrogance is breath taking lol.

In my opinion she is somewhat pretty, her appearance is enhanced by having her hair done and make up applied. Her clothing although not to my taste or what I would call stylish are befitting of her age and put together nicely. She states that her pretty smile is often refereed to when she receives such treats, to me the adage should have gone to spec savers comes to mind. She displays an incredibly inflated ego and little humility.

Sorry to break it to you Samantha but being tall, blonde and slim does not equate beauty, although western society has made that the hight of ideal beauty. What I think makes her so appealing is her self confidence. She believes she is beautiful so she moves with confidence. She thinks she is very attractive to men so her self esteem is at an all time high. There is nothing more attractive than a confident person who is sure of themselves. However Mrs Brick teeters on the edge of severe vanity and delusion.  As to women being jealous of her, I am sure there are a few but her self centred approach to this article lead me to believe that there aren't many. It is more likely that I would be "jealous" of her some what successful career than her face. I find her negative woe is me energy a big turn off.

As to her friends being jealous maybe it is time to find some new ones.That is not the basis of a strong and healthy friendship. I am sure most after this article will be dropping her anyway. It is not her right to automatically become a friends bridesmaid and with such an inflated ego I am unsure how she actually still has any friends. She is very confusing she seems to crave the approval of said friends while thinking they all hate her. If so may people from different parts of her life dislike her and the only thing they have in common is her..... well you see where this is going. Having read her article twice I am willing to accept that she has had a hard time at work and maybe the story regarding the married woman is true but everything else just sounds like the ramblings of a bored imaginative country wife.

Samantha Brick does hit on one crucial point though and that is that women are incredibly bitchy and rude about other women. Having gone to an all girls secondary school I know first hand how spiteful and cruel little women can be (myself at times included). On the other hand girls and young women can also be the most uplifting a supportive people. Although for me my school days were mostly a time of fun and frolics I do remember having to have a very sharp and acerbic tongue. I was never marginalised and I had many friends who were not in my main set of friends. I met many awesome and life long friends there. In many ways girls develop a lot faster than boys and cliques are at times formed on the dislike of others. The cliques men form at work have long been used by girls and women. To put it bluntly girls make feral dogs look like petting zoo lambs. On the flip side being surrounded by females also empowered me. I have no problem complimenting a woman on her beauty or clothes and I get on well with most.

Women are extremely competitive in the work place because most of the time they have it so much harder than men. Once you hit that glass ceiling it is incredibly difficult to abide another woman competing for what is deemed to be your territory. In an environment where few women as possible are accepted, women begin to turn on each other instead of sticking together. I have seen this occur luckily not to me. Although bitching is a great pass time I do think it is high time women banded together and ruled the world! Lets all try to be a little bit nicer.

P.s the worst of your sins Samantha is living in France and  not succumbing to chocolate more often. Its unnatural!

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