Friday, 13 April 2012

Written in the stars

Via Daily Mail

Strangely I actually like Kimberley Vlaemincks tattooed face! I think now that they are not so dark and have faded and been lasered they look pretty cute. Almost elegant. She can defiantly carry the look off. I know there is a the big hoo ha because she lied about what happened but she was 19 thought she was bad ass then got home and was like shhhhhhiiiitttt!  I am sure I would be furious if my kid came home with a tattoo on their face. What with people putting nonsense like icecreams on these days. I think she is pretty enough to carry the look but she has said she feels like a freak and I am sure that is partly due to outside influences. Its her face and she should do whatever makes her comfortable again.

I am not against tattoos, piercings etc I have my own but I do think things that go on your face should be thought about VERY carefully. It impacts your life, job, choices etc. People will unfortunately judge you based on what they see. My friend is a junior doctor now and has a tattoo on his back that can be glimpsed from his collar and wrist. He now has to find clothes to cover up because some patients  may be uncomfortable. It isn't a major problem for him but something he did at 16 has an impact on his life now. There is also the slight chance that the procedure will go wrong and scar you. Just be careful think twice, research and don't live in regret.

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