Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Racist or simply misguided?

Via The Guardian

My friend Nikki emailed this to me this morning and without even reading the story the image turned my stomach and filled me with disappointment. Having read the article, I am more disturbed by the face than the Swedish minister cutting into the body of the cake.

In regards to the message that was trying to be conveyed, I think the job has been done. Mutilation of sorts was shown. I don't find the minister racist for cutting into the cake. To my knowledge she didn't commission the cake or have any prior knowledge of it until she went to the event. It is indeed incredibly crude and in bad taste but I don't think she is at fault.She could have condemned it and spoken put against it so she is tainted by association.

I find fault with the artist Kitimbwa Sabuni the artist. The cake and its cannibalistic undertone seems to make light of a very important and scary issue many women face in 3rd world countries. I didn't find this shocking or enlightening just nasty to be honest. It seems to be the week where black men seem to be intentionally or unintentionally co-signing racist nonsense in the attempt to dispel "stereotypical" myths and displaying lots of male privilege.. This does not seem to be a well thought out piece of art but the fact that it is being talked about world wide means that he has indeed raised awareness for his cause amongst other controversy. All publicity is good publicity right?


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