Friday, 27 April 2012

Rain, rain go awa........ no in fact just piss off ok?

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So ummm I pretty much despise all weather in England, except those rare sunny days we get.  Spring to mid autumn  until 2007 was acceptable. But really England just wees down rain or spits out snow and it annoys me.  -_- I HATE the rain- sorry farmers!

I know that rain is necessary.  Especially now when we need it to replenish the our water supply due to the drought.  
I am not mental, I know rain is vital to our very survival lol but it makes me super temperamental and leaves me feeling disgruntled.  It annoys me when people are like ohhh look it's raining how lovely. Erm what, are you mad?! Cooing over the rain, I ask you. 

It is not magical drops of heavenly dew, it is smog water.  Not full of goodness but pollution kmt get a grip mate. As you can see I hate rain with a passion! The one thing I will say about rain is that it has organised me somewhat. Since I was about 7 I haven't left my house without my umbrella. This is England after all ,even a sunny day is not guaranteed! Our weather is so bi-polar, really its a problem.

5 things I hate about rain:

  1. I hate the way rain thunders down against my skylight beating a tattoo right next to my bedroom.
  2. I can't abide the way rain makes tights/ leggings feel against my legs. Car back splash could push me over the edge.
  3. I hate the way rain makes the air muggy, thus frizzing up my hair  if it isn't in a trusty bun grrr.
  4. I detest the way torrential rain just soaks through your shoes, boots etc when you have a way to go before you go home. (no holes I assure you).
  5. The worst is when the weather decides to tag team. What is going on hurricane winds? Pounding bullets of rain simply attacking me from all angles attempting to assassinate my umbrella!
What really gets my goat (yes I actually said that) is the fact that if some places in the world get even a quarter of the amount we get here, there wouldn't be so much famine and hunger.
I am not always this morose I promise you. I do love the mentality of grasping life by the horns and dancing in the rain BUT I have an Afro so meh. Did it when I was five won’t happen again!

"I'm leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it's not raining ".-Groucho Marx
(Yeah he was American), most definitely a comedian.

Anyhoo My random rant is over, enjoy that international  Friday feeling.


Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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