Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tracks of the moment

This is a quick one folks. The weather in London is being blah blah and bipolar again so I am amusing myself with my fav tracks of the moment.

Loving you is harrrrddddd.........I love, love ,love Brandy and Monica together they make magic every time their voices soar and collide.  I wish they had made more songs together over the years. This song has been on replay for the last few weeks. And for the Brandy stans -yep she looks incredibly beautiful in this, everything is on point full stop. Brandys voice sounds better than ever and hasn't Monica's register widened?

Drizzy done did it again! There are not many songs of Drakes I don't like. He has a way with words and Rhi Rhi don't sound too bad either. The imagery in this is the perfect background to the song.

Remember when Usher was like amazing? Song after song was a certified tune, his albums were quality and then he went down hill. I don't know if it was his divorce or getting married but it felt like he had lost his essence. I haven't bobbed my head to an Usher song in so long because the nonsense I was hearing was indeed of an oh my god variety. I think Usher of old is BACK. Climax is such a good song and his vocals are on point. Dude still needs a shave and to run a comb through them locks but apart from looking like a tramp it seems he is back to sweep them young pretenders to the throne back to where they belong.

Shimmy and Shakes

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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