Saturday, 12 May 2012

H&M and Primark body candy

Hey lovelies, just a quick one on new items in my jewellery box. Here are a few of my favs right now.....

I got these a few months back but loads of people have been asking me where I have got my necklaces from. So I thought I would share them in a post. When a woman chases you down the high road in the rain its time to give out the secrets lol

Collar: short rigid necklace was £7.99 now £3.99

I have been wearing this so much have had to prise it out of a few fast fingered friends hands. This is still on the H& M website in silver. I am unsure about in stores. I actually got my necklace for £5 so I was lucky I guess. This is a cool way to brighten up any outfit. The laser filigree cut out design is modern whilst the flowers give it a feminine elegant edge. I will say be careful of the hinges as they turn in odd ways and are strangely hard to twist back :-/

This is a detachable super long gold chain with a gorgeous orange rock pendant and gold backing. I love that the colour is so on trend and  I absolutely love rocks.  When I was younger I wanted to be a geologist or archaeologist so rock cores have always fascinated me. You can't really see it in the picture but the swirls are cool. I am totally feeling the hippie talisman quality and is a great summer alternative to the Navajo trend. This will defiantly get a lot of wear at festivals and beauts summer days lazing in the park. This would also work well as a key chain accessory. Unfortunately I couldn't find this online but it may still be in stores.

On to primarni.........

 Primark have been impressing me in regards to jewellery as of late! Their clothes are still a bit hit and miss unfortunately. The seasonal look books always look beautiful with several possible purchases but as everybody knows the primark shopping experience isn't the best. Anyway I bought these a few months ago once again and have been getting rave reviews.

Those massive hoops at the top were £2.50. they are so gorgeous and they look really different on every person (lost the back of one today waaahhh). I chose the silver as they looked better to me and the gold looked a little garish for my tastes. They are rather light compared to other hoops  but do have a little weight to them. As I have gotten older I am becoming more aware of  the fact that I need to preserve my ear holes. I don't want my ears weighed down and end up hanging or resting against my shoulders when I am old lol.

The earrings below were £2 as you can see. They have a strange tarnished finish to them . They have a mild  Grecian feel to them. Totally beauts.

I love, love , love this necklace.  I have been wearing it none stop! It was £4 and has a substantial weight to it and the hinged areas give it a really modern tribal feel. If you are creative and want to switch it up you could remove some panels or incorporate other jewellery pieces into the design them. It also looks good when worn the wrong way round as well.

Until next time lovers


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