Monday, 28 May 2012

New Look haul

Summer , summer, summertime, Yeah the summer time. Finally we have dispelled the urban myth about  British summers! Although fleeting we have been having fabulous weather of late and I have been busting out the door knocker earring to celebrate. I bought  most of these a few months and left the tags on to remind me of the prices and where I got them but for some reason I peeled off the sale prices * doh!

All items were below £3 pounds for sure and I absolutely LUUUUUV them. I have eclectic taste so there is a bit of everything in there. I didn't realise this but over the last 2 years I have been reaching for over sized retro or kitsch studs more than anything . However the big ass earring baby in me is back.

I often buy pieces of jewellery because they remind me of a place or something I have seen. I do this with clothes as well. slightly weird but works for me.

The pewter and red medallion on the left at the top remind me of the french ladies in waiting and courtesans. Also art they look like the medallions you see on mayors office chains.

The purple and gold dangly feather creations have a Grecian feel and close up there is a lovely print on them. The chains give them movement, as well as complimenting the feathers.

The 2 tiered earrings in the middle actually have a light pewetery brown finish and the little beads just caught my eyes. I am not sure why but they reminded me of a cake with leaf patterns that I saw at a festival.

The flowered earrings just reminded me of those last days of spring before summer hits. The teal green and pastel pinks are very on trend and the gold just adds the perfect back ground.

Last but not least my bronze circles of loveliness. Strangely the reminded me of the late 70's . I can just see big Afros, bell bottoms and sheer over sized shirts. Power to tha people yall lol.

As these were sale items I am unsure if they will be in store or online anymore but have a look.

Until next time lovelies I bid thee adieu.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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