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Let's talk abortion.... the last frontier?

I heard a while back that the BBC where going to be producing a 2 hour live radio special  at an abortion clinic this month. After several months of controversy regarding the practises of health professionals in the abortion sector, I think it will be interesting to talk about a subject that is still seen as taboo by society. The fact that you won't see the women's faces is a good idea for privacy but sad as there are a lot of people out there who would troll or bombard them. The show will also consult with the health care professionals that work in this industry and are on the front line every day so to speak. Not being seen will also give these people to speak openly.

I would very much consider myself in favour of peoples to choose. I think ultimately you have the right to do as you wish with your body. However I will say that it is highly unlikely I will ever have an abortion. Luckily I have not been in a position where such a decision had to be made as I don't think I am ready to care for a child or terminate one. I hope never to be because to be honest the idea of it fills me with trepidation, the act is very final. I have never seen abortion as an option for me in regards to a healthy baby. Perhaps this is an emotional response but I  think of the foetus, baby, group of cells whatever you want to call it as a person/ alive as soon as it is formed or the mother is conscious of being pregnant. I don't think I would be able to mentally cope with essentially killing my healthy child.

For many a termination is an option taken after a lot of soul searching and there are several factors that have led them to this point. However there are a few people mainly younger women (some older) who are under the illusion that abortion is another form of contraception. They don't seem to be aware that by having 2, 3, 4 abortions it limits your chances of having a child in future, fertility and damages your body. The procedure is after all a physical trauma.

Having been in various situations where young teenagers have causally discussed how to ditch school for the procedure. I think it is extremely important abortion is talked about openly in Secondary schools and not such a taboo. If this is done sensibly informed decisions can be made in future. I think a termination is a very personal decision to be made by the person and whom ever they choose to involve such as the father or parent, friend but the choice must be theirs. I also believe that sex education needs to step up to the plate at home and in secondary schools.

It is a fact that many teens are having sex and having children so if they have taken the decision to do so, they should be deemed able enough to sit and participate in properly structured sex education lessons. After some research I found out that women are eligible for a termination up to 24 weeks. I had always assumed that it was 3 months, so it highlights that we must all strive to educate ourselves further. My school was deemed to be forward thinking but some of these issues still applied to students and I don't remember any discussions on abortion. I have always been someone who researches everything,so took it upon myself to learn the facts.

I don't think there is enough support given to those who elect to have an abortion once the procedure is done. A lot of the time women are demonised for having had a termination. Having gone through such an invasive procedure I think it is incredibly important for women of all ages to have counselling to ensure they are mentally on point. They really don’t have to justify themselves to anyone but themselves. I hope this show will help some way to bring these things to the forefront, instead of being an arena for the age old pro lifers v pro choice argument.

In a society that has a large appetite for voyeuristic consumption I think it is incredibly important that the show is done considerately and as tastefully as possible. There will most definitely be a large amount of backlash but I really think it is something that needs to be highlighted and discussed.

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