Monday, 7 May 2012

Such a 90's Kid (part 1)

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So its bank holiday Monday woop woop and as I sat watching Flipper with my nephew in all its crappy awesomeness, I was transported to a better and simpler time. The 90's lol. The time when cartoons and kids shows were really good and so not like the abominable rubbish on TV today. - God I am old lol

I decided to compile a list of reminiscences and remember whens:


Remember getting up early on Saturday morning coz TV was awesome, even the long Bollywood movies were epic?

Remember rainbow slinkies?

Remember when Starburst was opal fruit?

Remember when half you school day was spent making super S's? hehehe

Remember when Game boy had the classic grey screen?

Remember when Woolworth's was a alive and kicking and regularly donated sweeties to your tummy 
* winks *?

You read and knew at least one person with the whole "GOOSEBUMPS" book collection.
You can sing the whole rap to prince of Bel air-  word for word baby (extended version lol)

Remember Captain planet ? * I die*

Remember the days when Rugrats was king?

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Your still waiting for Brain from Pinky and the Brain, brain, brain, brain would take over the world!

You remember the original Postman pat, Ghostbusters, Noddy, Fireman Sam and the Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Now you shake your head in shame at the fake ass shit today's youth are watching.

You still till this day rub 50 pence pieces because of the programme the Queens nose. One day it will happen!!!!

Awww the days of Ren and Stimpy, Clarissa explains it all, Sabrina the teenage witch, Live and kickin, Kenan and Kel, Dinosaurs, Boy meets world, Even Stevens, Sister sister, Eddy, Marry Kate & Ashley, Moesha, Saved by the bell and Are you afraid of the dark?

Remember when Snickers was Marathon?

You had one of those weird capsule alien babies in goo. Legend had it that if you stuck them back together they had "babies". Remember the police officer in the tube station story?


Remember the demon headmaster scared the shit out of you and looking away from the screen sporadically meant you were still in control of your mind?

Remember Microsoft windows 95?

Remember the original black widow woman in the adverts?

Remember Kid & Play?

Remember Wayne's world?

Texting on a blackberry for hours ain't shit because your thumbs pushed past that pain with Sega and Gameboy.

Remember Bill and Ted's excellent adventures?

Spice girls had all us girls beating up the boys , screaming girl power and rehearsing the dance routines.


Carol Vordermans mind was a slightly magical machine only to be topped by the timer on count down.

Remember when grunge and angst meant something?

Kappa was the hottest sports brand known to mankind

Remember the days when literacy hour was called creative writing?

Remember playing , my sailor, double double and down down baby in the playground?

 Awww this is so part of my childhood. Remember when shit was good?

Feel free to add stuff or even better make your own list!

See ya later alligators!
Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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