Thursday, 17 May 2012

Me, Myse.l.f and I (USA haul)

My friend Bria was in America  last month and lovely girl that she is brought me back a few things from e.l.f, as I often rave about them. Most things are available in the UK but the glossy lip shines in Strawberry doesn't have the sparkles which  isn't such a bad thing.

Left to right- Super Glossy lip shine SPF 15  Juiced berry, strawberry, Honey-Do £1.50 each

I really like these colours they are moisturising and not too sticky. Juiced berry (new) tastes as amazing as it smells and has a soft colour to it. It is very high shine so if you don't like that don't get this product.

Honey - Do also has a lovely light on trend wash of  colour to it. The previous 2 are SPF15 yay. Strawberry is not my fav  because of the sparkles but I still could wear it. All the colours look great and better still at night. They can be used for all occasions, on their own or over lipsticks. I for one will definitely be stocking up on more E.L.F suupergloss lip shines.

Above- All over face cover stick in toffee £3.50.  Tone correcting concealer  in spice £1.50

In hind sight this isn't the best picture. I wanted to show the colours on an un- pigmented background for various people to see how it matched to their own skin tone. I really like the e.l.f all over cover stick. It is very thick but light so it requires a deft hand and a lot of blending but allows my skin to breath. After some experimentation I find that fingers work best. I would use this as an under eye concealer/ highlighter. Toffee is the darkest colour but as I hadn't previously used this before this is the colour Bria got me. It is a perfect match for me. As a dark skinned girl my motto is when in doubt go for the second darkest to darkest and work it out.  The tone correcting concealer is very thin and watery, no bonus points there. I like a texture I can play and work with. It took a bit of experimentation to find the best way to use it on my skin but it can be useful. The best way I have found is mixing it with the coverstick for a better blend for my skin as on its own it can be a bit patchy.

These will definately be used in my late spring and summer make up routines as the lip shines are lovely and the face products are light,offer medium coverage and are breathable.

Stephanie aka Wednesdays Girl


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